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This song is inspired by an Irish poem by Louis de Paor called “The Singer.” I came across it at a very difficult time. I struggled with severe physical and mental illness and felt so far removed from the happy girl I was all my life. I felt that trials not only wore me down and ruined my happiness, but I that no one would ever love me for who I had become. One line struck me hard, “A girl made lovely by sorrow,” or with the direct translation “a girl with the beauty of sorrow on her face.” Could my trials make me . . . more beautiful? Could my hardships be making me and my life more lovely?

I’ve never forgotten it. It took me years to find the words and melody that perfectly conveyed the feelings I felt that first time reading this poem.

Another painful heartbreak finally pushed me into writing this out, fully. How ironic and beautifully apt that my greatest heartbreak allowed me to finally write this song. I believe all of us are made only more lovely by hardship, heartbreak and pain.

P.S. Stream water is coooold! My feet were in it for almost two hours during filming.

This song is one of the most meaningful songs to me that I’ve written since I started. I’m grateful that music is such a powerful force – one that can heal, help, strengthen and comfort.

This is one of my all time favorite Irish folk songs! Its a love song of the best kind. Friends have been begging me to record it forever, so I finally did it!

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This song was inspired by a love story I’ll never forget. Some of you who have seen me perform elsewhere may recognize it. Music is one of the only mediums that I believe can truly express what love is like.

This song was so much fun to write and record! Most winters I can’t decide what I want more; hot chocolate, a hug, or a vacation to someplace warm. Why not ask for them all this Christmas?

It was a pleasure working with Mitchell and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. It was fantastic being able to work with my sisters on it.

I wrote this in a time of my life I felt happy, but stuck. Sometimes, we wait for change, but change is waiting for us.